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Our school gallery is a vibrant tapestry of creativity, showcasing the boundless imagination and talent of our students.


Annual Function

School Annual Function shimmered with brilliance, leaving a trail of enchanting performances and cherished moments that still linger in our hearts.


Certification Ceremony

School Certificate is a testimony of hard work and achievement, symbolizing the journey of knowledge and growth undertaken by the students.


Motivate Teachers

Teachers are guiding stars that illuminate minds, empower dreams and shape generations with your unwavering belief in the power of education.


Karate Awards Winners

With strength and discipline, our karate award winners embody the spirit of champions, showing that dedication and perseverance pave the path to greatness.


Farewell Function

As we bid farewell to our students, we celebrate the cherished memories and the promise of a bright future, knowing they will soar to new heights.


Creative Award

In the realm of boundless imagination, our creative student shines like a vibrant constellation, illuminating the world with their artistic brilliance.


Science Exhibition

Step into the captivating world of science at our school's annual science exhibition. Explore a kaleidoscope of exhibits, where students showcase their ingenuity and scientific prowess. From interactive experiments that dazzle the senses to thought-provoking displays that unravel the mysteries of the universe, this exhibition is a testament to their boundless curiosity. Engage in conversations with these young scientists, witness their passion firsthand, and be inspired to embark on your own scientific journey. Join us as we celebrate the power of knowledge and the endless possibilities of scientific exploration.


Shivram Yadav

CEO & Founder

Our school's founder's message echoes with a simple yet profound truth: education holds the key to unlocking boundless opportunities and empowering lives.



Shyam Sunder Bhardwaj


"Believe in your abilities, embrace opportunities, and let your actions reflect the limitless potential that resides within each of you. Dream big, aim high, and let your aspirations soar!"



Sourav Sharma

Relational Manager

"As the school's Relational Manager, I am dedicated to building bridges of understanding, fostering positive relationships, and creating a nurturing environment where every student's social and emotional well-being is prioritized."